The anatomy of TED Conferences and talks

9 – Number of cameras a TED talk may be shot in
18 – Minutes – Maximum duration of a TED talk
24 – Hours it takes one of TED’s video editors edit an 18-minute TED Talk
31 – Years – Since TED was founded
44 – Number of playlists curated by guests
107 – Number of languages that talks have been translated into
150 – Number of TED employees
225 – Number of playlists curated by TED
347 – Number of topics listed by TED.
1737 – Number of speakers at TED
2054 – Number of TED talks through Q3, 2015
6000 – USD – Cost of attending a TED Conference
30,000 – Number of TEDx talks
450,000 – Number of people that log on to every day
1 Million – The amount that Bryan Stevenson’s talk raised _after_ he had left the talk!
1.5 Million – Number of times TED Talks are being viewed everyday.
1 Billion+ – Number of video views recorded.

TED Talks are videos that present a great idea in 18 minutes or less. They’re filmed at flagship TED conferences, independent TEDx events, and other special TED programs. Their goal is to share Ideas Worth Spreading — in fields like science, technology, business, culture, art and design — around the world.

The challenge is to take what people consume into something that they act upon

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