Why am I doing this?

Why this blog

Very simply. Because no one has the time!. I know, I know – bear with me!

As seen in this post/infographic millions of viewers are logging in each month. They are watching billions of minutes of TED videos. They are coming away inspired and informed. But somehow, that is not enough!.

You DO NOT NEED 18 minutes to get the idea, the concept or the insight.

Not only do TED speakers undergo a ton of preparation for the talk, they are also usually the best at what they do, or have done, or lived through, or impacted. And they ALL have a story to tell! When you watch a TED talk, you end up making an extremely deep, emotional connection with the speaker. With that story. And THAT is the point – the inherent strength and weakness of TED!

YOU may or may not know the speaker.
YOU may or may not understand the topic.
YOU may or may not even be aware that the field existed!

Or make that emotional connection!
Or have an epiphany!
Or a life-changing experience!

But, you DO NOT NEED 18 minutes to get the idea, the concept or the insight. The stories are powerful, but what you need is the gist. ALONG with the resources and links to the talk, to related topics, other speakers, playlists, ideas, books, concepts, SHOULD YOU DECIDE to pursue it further.

You need every TED talk distilled into its essence – you need the “funda” of the talk. And that is why I am doing this!

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