About me

DABeZXYSnjEHi there, Thank you for visiting.

I started this blog because I believe that the Greatest Gift that anyone can give is Time. TED.com is a global phenomenon that needs no introduction. As of September 2015, they have published – for free – over 200 playlists, and 2000 talks on Ted.com. Additionally, there are over 30,000 talks on TedX!!

It would take thousands of hours for anyone to go through these, and perhaps a few lifetimes to implement some of the AMAZING ideas on these. This website is my attempt to absorb and share those in relevant, bite-sized content – for free – in one minute or less.

I have already personally benefited from watching these talks; they have been awe-inspiring, funny, jaw-dropping, everything you can expect from some of the best minds on the planet. I will always provide the links to the original content. Additionally, I will share other talks, snippets, background info, books, and any topics that catch my fancy. We have been blessed to live in these amazing times, I hope you benefit immensely too!

Please note: This site is not affiliated with Ted.com. TED’s goal is to spread ideas and we make every attempt to adhere to the guidelines laid under TED.com’s usage policy, specifically under the terms of